CPG Experience Council

Solving the Enigma of Customer Centricity at Monetize!

Nigel Tordoff, Chairman of the CPG Experience Council, took the stage at Monetize! CustomerGauge’s leading B2B voice of the customer conference in Amsterdam. Welcoming him on stage was Adam Dorrell, CEO & Co-Founder of CustomerGauge.         Click for sound             22:37  0:00                  Nigel touched on his 30-year career in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. From […]

Offer Exceptional B2B CX & the Rest Just CLiCS

In the pursuit of enhancing customer experiences (CX) within the consumer packaged goods (CPG) realm, Nigel Tordoff established the CPG Experience Council. Armed with three decades of industry expertise, Nigel now serves as the Council’s Chairman, fervently seeking to enlist individuals with a shared zeal to leave a mark on the trade. Recently featured on […]

How Trust Leads to Revenue Growth

Nigel Tordoff, Chairman of the CPG Experience Council, strongly emphasizes the notion that “effective job performance stems from content and satisfied individuals.” When your workforce is content, it won’t be long before your clientele joyfully engages in more transactions, leading to a year of prosperous growth for your enterprise. This philosophy is the driving force […]

CPG Experience Council at Monetize! Digital

Defining What ‘Good’ Looks Like With CPG Experience Council Nigel Tordoff, Chairman of the CPG Experience Council, is no stranger to both the Monetize! stage and thought-provoking fireside chats with Adam Dorrell. The Council’s vision is to share and develop best practices and data to foster competitive customer experiences that help brand owners, customers, and consumers […]

What Is The CPG Council Experience Council?

Nigel Tordoff has met with every type of customer over his 30-year tenure in the industry.  Starting from his early career to his time as Chief Customer Officer (CCO) at brewery giant Molson Coors, Nigel discovered just how different owner-operated storefronts were compared to large grocery chains, often called “Modern Trade” in the industry. From […]