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Solving the Enigma of Customer Centricity at Monetize!

By Sabrina Tessitore

Nigel Tordoff, Chairman of the CPG Experience Council, took the stage at Monetize! CustomerGauge’s leading B2B voice of the customer conference in Amsterdam. Welcoming him on stage was Adam Dorrell, CEO & Co-Founder of CustomerGauge.

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Nigel touched on his 30-year career in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. From his early days as an accountant to becoming Chief Customer Officer (CCO) for Molson Coors, Nigel shared valuable insights and experiences that shed light on the dynamics of the CPG landscape.

Workplace Happiness, Addressing Paradoxes, and “Red Teaming”

Nigel emphasized the critical role of happiness in the workplace. Drawing from his diverse experiences, he highlighted how personal beliefs and values guide career choices. He recounted his transition from accounting to sales and the realization that numbers alone couldn’t capture the essence of success.

Instead, he discovered the power of relationships and the impact of employee happiness on overall performance.

A key theme in Nigel’s discussion was the art of reframing problems as opportunities. He shared a fascinating story about a paradox in the production line, where sales and production teams had conflicting goals. Nigel’s approach involved understanding the perspectives of both teams and finding a solution that addressed the needs of both.

This highlighted the importance of looking beyond problems and uncovering opportunities for improvement.

Nigel’s retirement marked a new chapter where he sought to give back to the industry that had been his professional home for three decades. His passion for positively impacting the lives of small businesses in the traditional trade became evident. Nigel proposed a collaborative effort among brand owners to set CPG B2B customer experience (CX) benchmarks and best practices, to benefit millions of people employed in the traditional trade globally.

One intriguing concept Nigel introduced was “red teaming,” derived from military practices. This involves bringing in diverse perspectives to critically evaluate and improve proposed solutions. Nigel highlighted the positive impact of this approach in commercial settings, fostering collaboration and ensuring that every voice is heard.

Nigel’s fireside chat provided a unique glimpse into the intricate world of consumer packaged goods. His journey has and continues to underscore the importance of happiness, the art of problem reframing, and the potential for positive change through collaboration.

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