CPG Experience Council

Competition Law & Safeguards

The CPG Experience Council’s policy is firmly committed to maintaining a fair environment.
What It Enables:

A structured and regular dialogue between council members and collective independent outlet feedback.

Recognizing that all parties are working together for the wider mutual benefit of elevating the customer and consumer experience of the fragmented Traditional Trade of thousands of Independent outlets.

Creating the opportunity to create best practices to elevate the standards consumers can expect from this channel.

Competition Law Compliance Statement And Disclaimer


Antitrust laws in USA, Europe and other territories regulate the conduct and organization of businesses to promote competition – for example in the USA, the Sherman Act and others, in the European Union, Article 101 TFEU prohibits anti-competitive agreements between two or more independent market operators.

Competition Law Compliance Statement:

The participants recognize the importance of ensuring compliance with European Union and national competition laws. To that end, all participants acknowledge they should not exchange commercially sensitive information or discuss commercially sensitive topics.


CPG Experience Council facilitated meetings: discussions at these meetings should be conducted in accordance with European Union and national competition laws.